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Arduino Uno and Nano I/O pin CheatSheet

Arduino compatible Uno and Nano micro controllers are my go-to development boards for electronic projects.  Except for the Nano’s smaller form factor, they have very similar specifications including 14 Digital I/O pins. The Nano, despite being more compact, has 8 Analog Input pins,  two more than the Uno’s 6.

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Sparkfun Clockit Review

While I have been writing embedded system software and firmware for decades, only recently has an interest in actually designing and building an entire electronic project emerged.  The catalyst for this sudden fascination with the hardware side of embedded systems is my dissatisfaction with off the shelf alarm clocks and my desire to one day […]

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Dual Seven Segment LED Counter

A few months ago, I was so fed up with my store-bought, digital alarm clock that I decided to make the alarm clock of my dreams.

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Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook: Reviewed

Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook By: Rick Golden; Publisher: Packt Publishing Pub. Date: March 7, 2013 Print ISBN-13: 978-1-84969-460-5 Pages in Print Edition: 204 I am currently using the Raspberry Pi to build a number of Linux appliances for a small to medium sized business.  These appliances will be replacing some aging, power hungry, rack mounted […]

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Really Small Computers may help STEM the tide…

Not that many years ago, the amateur radio hobby inspired several generations of youngsters to learn about electronics by building  much of their equipment from kits.  When micro computers came along, these hobbyists, or HAMs, were among the first to embrace the new technology by incorporating programmable digital components into their projects. This cross-over effect […]

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EZ SSH Key Exchange

Lately, I’ve been replacing noisy, power-hungry rack mounted Solaris and Linux servers with Linux virtual machines (VMs) hosted on quiet, fan-less MAC-Mini servers that hardly draw any power or generate any heat.  The sever running this blog is an example.  I keep the latest snapshot on a USB memory stick and can easily move the […]

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Disruptive Innovation at the intersection of Information and Technology

Information and Technology are two words that are frequently used together.  In the realm of Publishing, in which Information plays a major role, Technology is occasionally paired with the word “Disruptive” to form the term, “Disruptive Technology”. The Internet is often perceived as a disruptive technology with respect to print periodicals, with magazine and newspaper […]

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